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  Academic Position  

Dana Hlinena, Dept. of Mathematics, FEEC BUT Brno:
My main academic position, general academic information, and CV...

Dana Hlinena FEKT

Dept. of Mathematics, FEEC BUT Brno

My institutional work address is:

Dana Hlinena
Faculty of Electrical Eng. and Communic., BUT,
Technicka 2848/8,
616 00  Brno,
Czech Republic.

Contact me preferably via e-mail, anyway...

For students / my teaching:   IDM / course,   IMA1 / course,   ILG / course,   IMF / course.

My academic career

Ph.D. 2001, in Applied Mathematics, Slovak Technical University.

Refer also to my research pages.

CV coming soon, be patient...

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