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Our department now ...

Department of Mathematics provides instruction to all students of the faculty in all forms of study. At all levels of their study, our courses provide the students with theoretical knowledge essential for their specializations. Topics of algebra, integral and differential calculus, complex analysis, integral transforms, probability and statistics are those that we not only teach but also actively investigate so that we could enhance our courses with the latest scientific knowledge and techniques. Our colleagues are successful in finding new properties and techniques needed for establishing solutions of discrete and continuous dynamical systems, in identifying properties of algebraic and topological structures and fuzzy sets, or in statistical analysis of complex and big data sets. Such activities and results are reflected in our intense publication activity in renowned journals with impact factor or in a great number of invited plenary lectures at prestigious international conferences.

Recently, thanks to the reconstruction of faculty facilities and acquisition of new software, we were able to substantially modernise instruction in all our courses. At the moment, all our students enjoy access to professional mathematical software. This is not only a great help in completing their hard study but also a chance to fully comprehend the role of mathematics in the engineering practice of the 21st century. Using the software, our colleagues can further improve their already excellent scientific achievements.

Did you know that...

measured in R&D results we are the most efficient department of our faculty?
we are the oldest department of our faculty?
we teach mathematics at four BUT constituents?
we were the first at BUT to do research in cybernetics?
the first BUT rector was a mathematician?
we were one of the first workplaces in Czechoslovakia to teach programming?

... and then

History of Department of Mathematics makes an inherent part of the history of the faculty or BUT. Our department has been an integral part of the faculty since its beginnings in 1961. Under the leadership of Prof. Brejcha and doc. Frank, the department became a pioneer in the theoretical study and teaching of cybernetics and programming. Several generations of Czech and Slovak engineers of all specializations studied mathematics from textbooks written under the management of doc. Frank, an outstanding mentor and department head. Several reorganizations and changes of workplaces of our department members resulted in the fact that our department has hosted numerous important figures of important research institutions such as doc. Kudláček, Prof. Rosenberg, Prof. Mezník, Prof. Voráček, etc.