Main R&D areas

Main R&D areas

At our department we investigate a number of theoretical problems which help to solve a wide range of engineering issues. We focus on analysis of dynamical systems, semi-analytic numerical algorithms with respect to specific equations used in mathematical engineering, and statistical methods of big data analysis. We also study algebraic structures and hyperstructures and fuzzy sets and do research in automata theory.

Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems research group

Members of our team study qualitative properties of discrete and continuous dynamical systems. This includes numerical methods of solution, issues of stability and controllability and identification of systems of integer and fractional order.

Statistical Methods Research group

The group focuses on research and applications of statistical methods in various engineering sciences including e.g. environmental sciences or hydrology. Special attention is paid to investigations in censored probability distributions and the theory of extreme values.

Algebra and Discrete Mathematics research group

Some of our colleagues focus their research into the area of algebraic structures and hyperstructures and fuzzy sets. They help to develop theoretical models for running and optimizing logical and computational systems and automata in e.g. robotics or traffic research.