Outgoing mobilities in 2023

Thanks to Erasmus+ funding members of our department were able to set up, or develop, cooperation with several of our partner universities abroad.

  • In May, doc. Jaromír Baštinec visited our colleagues at Poznan University of Technology (Poland).
  • In June, Ing. Michal Fusek and doc. Michal Novák paid visit to Bifröst University (Iceland) in order to learn about practical issues related to distance and blended learning and discuss possibilities of participating in educational projects funded by Norwegian funds.
  • In April, dr. Josef Rebenda visited University of Agder (Norway). In September he participated in a workshop held in Norway where the cooperation between University of Agder and BUT in European projects was discussed.
  • In September, a regular visit at University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) was held. Among other topics, the head of our department and the Head of Center for Information Technologies and Applied Mathematics, prof. dr. Irina Cristea, discussed the future coopearation of our junior colleagues and mutual participation in the review process and commities of conference held at our universities as well as reviewing PhD  dissertations.
  • In April, a mobility to University of Podgorica (Montenegro) took place.
  • A mobility of doc. Jaromír Baštinec to University of Bialystok (Poland) is scheduled for November.

Unfortunatelly, the attack on Ukraine is preventing us from meeting our colleagues at two of our Kyievan partner universities: Taras Sevchenko National University of Kyiv and Kyiv National Economic University. We keep in touch with them via email or internet phone talks.