Dynamics of generalized PT-symmetric dimers with time-periodic gain–loss

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A parity-time (PT)-symmetric system with periodically varying-in-time gain and loss modeled by two coupled Schrödinger equations (dimer) is studied. It is shown that the problem can be reduced to a perturbed pendulum-like equation. This is done by finding two constants ofmotion. Firstly, a generalized problem using Melnikov-type analysis and topological degree arguments is studied for showing the existence of periodic (libration), shift- periodic (rotation), and chaotic solutions. Then these general results are applied to the PT-symmetric dimer. It is interestingly shown that if a sufficient condition is satisfied, then rotation modes, which do not exist in the dimer with constant gain-loss, will persist. An approximate threshold for PT-broken phase corresponding to the disappearance of bounded solutions is also presented. Numerical study is presented accompanying the analytical results.

Klíčová slova
Schrödinger equation
Melnikov function