Elements of Hyperstructure Theory in UWSN Design and Data Aggregation

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In our paper we discuss how elements of algebraic hyperstructure theory can be used in the context of underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSN). We present a mathematical model which makes use of the fact that when deploying nodes or operating the network we, from the mathematical point of view, regard an operation (or a hyperoperation) and a binary relation. In this part of the paper we relate our context to already existing topics of the algebraic hyperstructure theory such as quasi-order hypergroups, $EL$-hyperstructures, or ordered hyperstructures. Furthermore, we make use of the theory of quasi-automata (or rather, semiautomata) to relate the process of UWSN data aggregation to the existing algebraic theory of quasi-automata and their hyperstructure generalization. We show that the process of data aggregation can be seen as an automaton, or rather its hyperstructure generalization, with states representing stages of the data aggregation process of cluster protocols and describing available/used memory capacity of the network.

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clustering protocols